It is estimated that 66 percent of office-based physicians now use some kind of electronic health record system, and that number is expected to climb steadily. In larger practices, and in practices owned by hospitals or health systems, the adoption rate is even higher. As provider EHR adoption and other office technology usage rises, your targeting strategy as a vendor must adapt to take advantage of new influences in prescriber behavior. Knowing the EHR brand name matters when engaging physicians.

According to a recent evaluation by QuintilesIMS and SK&A, the market share of five oral diabetes drugs was clearly differentiated when matched to two leading EHR systems the prescribing physicians were using. In the blinded study, one of the EHR systems was installed using the on-premise model while the other EHR system was deployed and hosted via a cloud solution. So why does this matter? The EHR brand as well as the technology and ease-of use for office professionals likely has an impact on drug prescribing.

“Historically, EHR adoption was not considered a targeting variable but should be now,” said Dave Escalante, General Manager, QuintilesIMS. “The pharmaceutical industry and its allies in consultancies and agencies need to take advantage of new influences in prescriber behavior. Product marketers need to know that what brand of EHR a physician is using may have an impact on script writing and other decision making. With its vast data assets, QuintilesIMS has the capability to make these correlations and provide insights and opportunities to healthcare marketers.”

QuintilesIMS, through its SK&A brand, is a leader in publishing electronic health records trends. The company has been measuring the adoption of EHR in physician offices since 2008 and has acquired a deep level of experience and insight. Because of its unique methodology for information validation, SK&A was selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to provide annualized adoption metrics.