IQVIA is pleased to announce several upgrades to OneKey Live Access, our newest web portal to look up healthcare professional and healthcare organization information. OneKey Live Access is available as a component to any Next Generation OneKey Ecosystem solution.

We listened to customer feedback and the following enhancements will be available in OneKey Live Access beginning January 7, 2020.

· OneKeyPedia – Allows clients to seamlessly search the OneKey Live Access data dictionary online

· Exporting Search Results Provides clients with the ability to export search results within their populations

· Sanctions – OneKey Live Access now contains individual sanctions for United States healthcare professionals

· DEA Cross Reference Information – OneKey Live Access now displays DEA source information for healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations

· Workplace Search Improvement – Workplace location, type, and specialty filtering is now in place, simplifying the search process for workplaces

· Summary of Downloads – Report has been improved to provide the name of the person preforming the download and basic information identifying what was downloaded

· OneKey Catalog – OneKey Live Access now contains a catalog of all OneKey Products available globally

If you have any questions about this product update, please contact your OneKey representative at