The NCPDP number is a national pharmacy identifier and each individual pharmacy in the US is given a unique NCPDP number. IQVIA recently appended NCPDP numbers to 62,659 active pharmacies that are contained in the OneKey provider reference database. NCPDP numbers will be updated monthly through the OneKey verification process. Who can use NCPDP numbers?

Pharmacy Benefits Managers and Payers

To obtain comprehensive and current pharmacy data for timely, accurate claims and payment processing.

Pharmacy Services Administration Organization

To gain insight to manage and grow your pharmacy network with access to current and accurate information.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

To increase competitiveness and profitability with quality, timely, accurate and enhanced reporting with access to a robust pharmacy database

OneKey provides opportunities to reach pharmacists and pharmacy decision makers through verified contact profiles featuring mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, identifiers, state licenses, parent organizations and more.