As the industry transforms to meet new objectives, we can support your research and consulting projects with deep, relational knowledge from our database of 10.7 million healthcare providers and 696,000 healthcare organizations.

Since 1985, some of the biggest names in healthcare consulting and market research as well as government agencies have been relying on IQVIA’s market insights and research support.

With access to critical market intelligence, you can use IQVIA data to:

  • Uncover historical trends to complete models and forecasts
  • Understand market opportunities and risks
  • Optimize sales force size, structure and alignment
  • See technology adoption by region and other variables
  • Understand physician affiliation to health systems
  • Plan for mergers, acquisitions and consolidations
  • Enable organizational change and transformation

Our clients also augment their internal resources with customized research resources from IQVIA on health policy, financial advisory, compliance and other key healthcare topics.

Beneficial IQVIA profiles for healthcare research consultants and market research agencies include: