Healthcare Affiliations Data

Superior professional-to-organization affiliation data

OneKey Affiliations

The next generation of the OneKey healthcare industry database accurately identifies, validates, and manages five million professional-to-healthcare organizations (B2P) affiliations, comprised of over 2.9 million unique healthcare professionals providing care and over 600,000 key contact titles at healthcare organizations. In addition, new OneKey verifies and maintains millions of healthcare institution-to-organization (B2B) affiliations, including the identification of purchasing and distribution relationships; validation of corporate parents and owners; and the verification of integrated delivery networks, health and hospital systems, and networked healthcare facilities.

The next generation OneKey is a best-of-breed solution combining the best reference data, technology, and affiliation intelligence and insight into a single solution.

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​New OneKey Affiliation Data

OneKey delivers superior B2B and B2P affiliation coverage of healthcare providers:

  • Accurate identification of purchasing, distribution and supply chain relationships to IDNs, owners and other healthcare facilities
  • Precise recognition and management of complex integrated delivery networks, health systems, hospital systems and their sites of care including all classes of trade (ACO, surgery center, medical group, medical office, clinic, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Outpatient and ambulatory care affiliations including medical group practice and multi-site care group affiliations
  • Specific provider-to-hospital, provider-to-medical group, provider-to-surgery center, and CMS and ACO-roster affiliations
  • All provider and contact affiliations

OneKey Validation Methodology

To ensure the level of accuracy and compliance required to propel healthcare businesses forward, OneKey is derived from best-of-breed data collection methods and powerful integration processes including:

  • Proactive telephone, web, and desktop research
  • Billions of claims and transactional data linking, validating, and delivering insight
  • Continual execution of automatic and manual processes that balance efficiency to ensure quality
  • Daily processing, verification and validation of customer inquiries for efficient governance and stewardship
  • Automatic import of trusted industry and government sources to ensure compliance

This incomparable blend of people, processes and technology enables us to deliver provider data that reflects the latest profile updates, regulatory changes, the impact of provider-organization relationships, and more.

OneKey also enables you to access IQVIA’s sales, prescription, and claims data for deeper provider insights.

OneKey is Your New Commercial Standard

Today, OneKey supports so many everyday commercial teams and applications. Thousands of customers utilize the OneKey solution in these business areas:

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The OneKey Solution

Extend your coverage of healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations through OneKey – a best-of-breed healthcare professional, institution and affiliation reference data solution from IQVIA.

With more than 10.7 million healthcare professionals, 3.97 million email addresses, and 696,000 healthcare organizations, OneKey connects your organization to a single reference data standard and helps you understand customer access, value and potential.

About IQVIA and OneKey

The OneKey reference database from IQVIA is a direct result of integration from three premiere brands: IMS Health, SK&A, and Healthcare Data Solutions.

Looking to reach more healthcare providers? IQVIA’s OneKey database includes over 242 physician specialties to choose from. You may also be interested in our doctor emails, physician data, NPI numbers, integrated health systems data, medical office managers mailing list, physician prescribing data, and more from IQVIA.