"I use IQVIA because they have the most accurate, largest list of pharmacy contacts, and my clients don’t get any returns on mailing addresses. We’ve gotten good responses for the last six years of using IQVIA."

—Herb Torgersen, President, DirectInnovations, Inc.

"IQVIA’s data quality is the best that’s available; certainly better than any other data I’ve found elsewhere. IQVIA is the leader in this area."

—George Scarborough, Director of Marketing, Studer Group

"The reps feel better, the playing field is equal, and there is no finger-pointing. The way we work with our sales reps has improved, and the process has been streamlined. We haven’t had any errors with IQVIA’s hospital list."

—Rick Rollins, Marketing Representative, Nova Biomedical

"I know I can count on IQVIA to provide my clients with the most up-to-date information available. There have been times that I am not sure exactly what my customer is requesting. I just call my rep, and with her knowledge and expertise in the product, we figure it out and I am left with a happy customer. And we all know a happy customer becomes a repeat customer!"

—Susan Gray, CEO, Direct Mail Connection

"IQVIA provides a valuable benefit to its customers by sharing the information in the Email Performance Archive. The information has been very useful in analyzing email performance metrics."

—Lisa Keener, Circulation Manager, Modern Healthcare