"Returns went down dramatically. We’ve seen a sharp decline in returns since using IQVIA data. We’re saving thousands of dollars a month on returns. We’re not getting calls and faxes from offices telling us doctors died or moved like we used to."

—Chris Panebianco, Vice President of Marketing, Bankers Healthcare Group

"We consider IQVIA data to be our bible. I don't care what the pharmacist says. They can't join our panel unless they're on the list. If IQVIA leaves a pharmacist out of their list, so do we."

—Kathy Nisiewicz, Senior Director of Operations, Delta Marketing Dynamics

"We were very impressed with the quality of IQVIA's hospital emails. With other companies' data, we might have gotten names that matched with phone numbers-an enormous waste of time. I was frankly amazed at these results. I imagine we will be using SK&A again."

—Doug Black, Director of Marketing, OnBrand24

"The office-based physician list is great. It's added significant value to our internal CRM system and made us aware of many contacts we were not even aware of."

—Mike Prime, Director of Marketing, Exscribe, inc.

"We chose IQVIA. They have good, clean lists. IQVIA does payback for returns, which really minimizes our costs. That can be a lot of money wasted."

—Bill Isom, Operations Manager, Reach-A-Lite®