"I’m glad to see our health system breaking into the top 20. I'm glad to see that we ranked and are growing, although one of the most interesting things to observe is how all the systems are growing so rapidly! Thank you for the great market research."

—Michael H. Shannon, M.D., Medical Director for Accountable Care, Providence Health and Services

"Using IQVIA’s hospital emails is a good way for us to get leads. My sales rep is an excellent resource and very knowledgeable. He understands the email technology and our business. I leave everything in his hands. I would highly recommend IQVIA."

—Bob Brown, Vice President of Commercial Sales, Life Uniform

"With IQVIA’s pharmacy lists, we’ve had strong responses to getting sales. For the most accurate lists, their pricing is very competitive. I’ve used other list sources, and I would rate IQVIA at the top. The others don’t even come close."

—Mike Horton, Vice President, The Rx Exchange

"We’ve looked at a number of sources for this information to see if someone is better than IQVIA, but no, there is never a source that is better. As an analyst, you have to be comfortable with the quality of data. IQVIA’s data is extremely valuable."

—Mark Ishimatsu, Senior Analyst, The Lauth Property Group

"We will definitely use IQVIA again. The most beneficial aspect of our campaign was the customization of the emails and the ability to follow up with phone calls. We checked on other vendors' email capabilities, but they cost an absorbent amount of money. They cost considerably more than IQVIA."

—Stephanie Morton, Associate Program Manager, The Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning